Tiago Lobo Pimentel is a concept artist and illustrator from Lisbon, Portugal, with over ten years experience in the video game, advertising and publishing industries.


Traditional drafting and hand drawing skills.
Proficient with digital painting in Photoshop.
Versatile in terms of graphical universes and disciplines (storyboards/paint-overs/illustrations/concepts).
Experienced in all levels of a concept art pipeline from high concept paintings to individual breakout sheets and turnarounds.
Ability to work with the art director and lead designer to create game assets.
Extensive experience in translating stories and scripts to storyboards.
Extensive experience in carry an idea from conceptual phase to finished illustration.
Average skills of 3D modeling and texturing.
Knowledge in UI Design, Graphic Design and Animation.
Huge passion for games.

Software: Adobe Photoshop, AdobeIllustrator, Autodesk 3dsMAX, MODO and Adobe After Effects.


English (Fluent) / Portuguese (Native) / French (Basic)



Steam - Ignite Games / PC
Game Prototype - eWorks / GBA
Reflect - eWorks / PC
Lumen: The way to Atlantis - RTS / PC
Aquapark - RTS / PC
Alexandra Fortune : Mystery of the Lunar Archipelago - Blitpop / PC
Grace's Quest: To Catch An Art Thief - Blitpop / PC
Echoes of Sorrow - Blitpop / PC
Euroskills - Blueshark / PC
Pack the Car / iOS
Moustachos / iOS
Farmer Jane / iOS


'PasaPalabra, Espanhol 7º ano, nível 1' - Luísa Moreira, Suzana Meira, Manuel del Pino Morgádez - Porto Editora
'Swoosh 7' - Cláudia Regina Abreu e Cidália Sousa - Porto Editora
'Nolita e a Cruz Medieval' vol.1 - Maria Jorge - Quidnovi
'Nolita e os Manuscritos Secretos' vol.1 - Maria Jorge - Quidnovi
'Nolita e os Manuscritos Secretos' vol.2 - Maria Jorge - Quidnovi
'Super Geeks 2 - A máquina de ler pensamentos' - Ricardo Miguel Gomes - Quidnovi
Zona Gráfica Vol.1
Zona Gráfica 2
Zona Monstra


Videoclip 'La La La Ye Ye' - O Gato Miau
Videoclip 'És o camisola 10' - Banda do Panda
Videoclip 'Rock do Dinossauro' - Banda do Panda
Videoclip 'Para ser o campeão' - Banda do Panda
Videoclip 'El Circo Mágico' - ClanTv rtve
Videoclip 'O meu amigo Panda' - Banda do Panda
Videoclip 'À volta do mundo' - Banda do Panda
Videoclip 'É golo de Portugal' - Banda do Panda
Videoclip 'Sexta-Feira' - Coréon Dú
Videoclip 'Round and Round' - Coréon Dú


EXOTIQUE 6: The World's Most Beautiful CG Characters - Ballistic Publishing - Pg. 35
Computer Arts Portugal - Oct 2011

If you have a fun idea for me to work on, or maybe you just wanna say hello - drop me a line at:
hello@tiagolobopimentel.com or give me a call: +351 91 414 53 49 / skype: tiagolobopimentel
Also, you can follow my work on instagram and facebook.